Welcome to
Shiplake Memorial Hall

Welcome to Shiplake Memorial Hall, a cherished landmark steeped in British history and community spirit. Situated amidst the picturesque countryside, our hall stands as a testament to the resilience and camaraderie of generations past and present.

At Shiplake Memorial Hall, we offer more than just a venue – we provide a hub for gatherings, celebrations and cherished memories. Whether you’re planning a community event, a private function or a local wedding, our hall welcomes you with open arms.


Exotic Animal Encounters

Meet, hold and learn about exotic animals.

Pre-school Holiday Art Workshop on Wednesday 13th August.

Shiplake Memorial Hall Centenary – 2025

We are looking to set up a number of events at the hall to celebrate this fantastic milestone in the hall’s history.

The Trustees and volunteers are currently planning an exiting and varied program of events, and this will be published here when this has been finalised.

Shiplake Film Night

The Shiplake Memorial Hall will once again host the Film Night’s which will start again around September 2024 and run until April 2025.

A new program will be published here later in the year.

Regular Activities

Apply via contacts.